Frequent Asked Questions

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MyTASystem Platform FAQs

What happens after my trial is up?

Everyone is granted a free 30-day trial to the business level subscription with no credit card or payment method needed. We will do a friendly reach-out to assist with on-boarding and questions. You will have 30 days to decide if you’d like to continue using MyTASystem. After 30 days, or upon cancellation the account will be deleted. For information on the plans please visit this link.

When I invite or add a training site or instructor, do they need to subscribe?

No. Instructors and training sites can be affiliated with your account for no subscription or charges. Should they choose to list their own classes outside of your organization and use the online registration tools they would be charged a 10% transaction fee unless subscribing for their own account.

What can my instructors see (permissions) and how do I update?

Instructors and clients are only able to see information related to themselves and classes they are teaching, attended, or have taught. You can update permissions under ‘Settings’ – ‘User Accounts’ then scroll down and add permission groups. System Administrators can see all information.

What do I need to update? What is already set up?

We try to make it as easy as possible to get up and running while also allowing a ton of options for customization. Other than adding instructors (and classes) there is nothing else you need to do. Prior to live payments you’ll need to add ACH banking information for receiving your funds and pick a subscription plan. Out of the box, all American Heart Association, American Red Cross and several ASHI, Medic and National Safety Council courses are loaded into your account. Automated emails with a generic message for your training center/site are set to run for: Registrations, order confirmations, instructor/student reminders and renewal notices. All of this is pre-loaded and set up for you but can be customized for your business at any time! We have helpful videos, FAQs and walkthroughs to help you with customization and are happy to have a 1 on 1 onboarding/orientation session with you by emailing us.

Can I import data from another system?

Yes! Depending on what you currently use we can import instructors, clients and past classes. Send us an email and we’d be happy to go over this with you.

How do I list a class?

Easy! Add some instructors under the getting started or instructors page, then click the MyTASystem logo in the upper left, then add class (alternatively you can also add by going to ‘courses’ – ‘course scheduler’. To see the details or update a class click the pencil/paper 'edit' icon on the left side of the main report.

How do I put my classes on my website?

We have a helpful guide and video on this but it’s as simple as going under ‘Settings’ – ‘Embed Scripts’ then ‘Add Script’. You can customize what will be displayed. Save, then go back and click the copy link icon (link) to copy the one line of code to put in your website to pull in your classes.

Do you provide a website?

There are public links and view pages you can send to customers or post. Business level subscribers have the option of an add-on website by contacting us.

How do I add products and how do people purchase them?

Go to ‘Store’ and here you can add products. Products can be added to a ‘Course Type’ to give an option to purchase during checkout. If it’s a stand-alone product you can create a ‘catalog’ which has it’s own links that people can use for purchases (for the public and your team).

Can this be white-labeled or have my own logo instead of yours?

Yes! You can have your logo at checkout if you are a business level subscriber.

Can I use my own payment processor or Stripe account?

Currently all payments are processed through a Stripe express account setup with onboarding but we are working on adding support to have your own processor. Reach out if you’d like this and we can discuss.

What do I do after a class? Can I download a roster?

Click ‘finalize class roster’ in the class details. There is helpful hints here where you can record scores/attendance, track and send CEUs and certification cards, download rosters and more. To download a roster click the export cards button for a spreadsheet download of the course.

How does onboarding work for instructors and training sites?

You can manually add instructors and training sites. If manually adding the login information will default to their email address. Or you can send an invite and have them self-onboard. If they click the ‘My Profile’ link they can even upload their own certifications and documents for you!

How do I send certification cards? What if it’s grayed out or is downloading blank?

Your platform is set to download rosters from a class in the appropriate format (AHA format for American Heart for example). This is set in ‘course types’ – ‘card types’. These are linked in settings to Associations should you need to troubleshoot or update. If it is grayed out and not allowing you to export cards, go to Settings – Card Types to ensure there is the correct ‘Association’ linked to the card type. If your export is blank you did not select any records (checkboxes to the left of students on the roster page) before exporting. Select the students then export.

How do I add / update certificates and CEUs and what variables can I use?

Go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Certificates’. Here there is an example certificate that shows what language is needed to import student name, course name and other details. You can create your own, save and then in ‘Course Types’ associate that certificate to a course to allow you to send after a class.

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